Thanks for joining us! In this video, we have 3 Mortgage Industry specialists:

Sid Rajeev, Head of Research at Fundamental Research Corp.
George Botros, CEO of Alta West Capital
Charles McKitrick, Chairman of the Board at Alta West Capital

Watch them talk about why borrowers are rushing to a specific category of mortgage lenders.

Our Head of Research talks about his thoughts on the alternative lending market and the advantages of MICs in a high-interest rate environment.

Geroge Botros shares his lending strategy and how his MIC is expecting to generate a yield of over 8% this year!

0:00 – Start
0:30 – Introduction
1:00 – Disclaimer
1:30 – VRIC Event Promo

1:50 – What is a MIC?
2:40 – Assets Under Management
3:45 – Key Metrics
4:40 – Market Outlook

6:55 – Alta West Mortgage Introduction
7:30 – Overview Of Market Conditions
10:08 – About Capital West Mortgage
13:55 – What To Look For In a MIC?

18:46 – Benefits Of Investing In AWC MIC
20:06 – Fund Highlights
23:40 – Conclusion

26:00 – Q&A
26:48 – Percentage of First Mortgage
29:28 – Market Outlook/High-Interest Rates:
32:19 – Loan Applications Increase
33:50 – Investment structure
35:44 – Rates Increase
36:50 – Lending Rates
37:30 – Rates Strategy
39:10 – AWC Expansion Plan
40:05 – Conclusion

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