Our Metal Price Forecasts for 2024

📈 Unlocking 2024 Metal Market Insights!

🚀 Gold, Silver, and EV Metals Forecast Welcome back to our channel!

We're kicking off the new year with a bang and some exciting insights into the world of metal prices for 2024. In this video, we take a retrospective look at our 2023 predictions and dive into the anticipated trends shaping metal markets this year.

Our accuracy last year was impressive, with base metals down 19% and gold/silver up 5%, proving the value of our analysis. Key Takeaways from 2023: - Base metals down 19%, gold/silver up 5% - Zinc and nickel prices closely aligned with predictions - Gold/silver/copper outperformed by 8% on average 2024 Metal Price Forecasts:

🔍 First Half: Bullish Rally Anticipate a metal price rally, fueled by potential central bank rate cuts. We're particularly bullish on gold and silver, predicting gold to surpass $2,100/oz. The rare scenario of rate cuts combined with persistent inflation is expected to be a major driver for gold.

📉 Second Half: Base Metal Pullback Expect a pullback in metal prices, especially for base metals. Increasing supply surpluses in copper, zinc, and nickel production are likely to outstrip demand. Our forecast predicts higher average prices for gold and silver, while base metals face lower averages compared to the previous year. 🔋 EV Metals Under Pressure: Ev metals such as lithium, cobalt, and graphite are expected to face pressure due to slower global GDP growth and increasing supply. However, our positive outlook on EV-focused juniors suggests opportunities for those seeking stable supply sources. Gold and EV metals are set to be the hottest sectors for M&A deals in 2024.