Tesla's Recent Plunge: Analysts Speak Out! | Here's What You Need to Do!

Welcome back to our channel! In this video, we dive deep into the current state of Tesla's stock and share our insights on its valuation.

If you're a Tesla enthusiast or investor, this is a must-watch video to get a perspective on the company's recent performance.

📉 Over the past month, Tesla shares have experienced a 24% decline, currently resting at $190. Our skepticism towards the stock goes back to April 2022 when we predicted a 40% downside potential, and since then, the stock has fallen by 45%.

🔍 We identify five key factors contributing to this decline:

1️⃣ Disappointing Q4 2023 revenue and EPS.

2️⃣ BYD surpassing Tesla as the world's largest seller of EVs.

3️⃣ Growing complaints about charging and battery-related issues, signaling potential cooling demand for EVs.

4️⃣ Reduction in tax incentives for EVs.

5️⃣ Elon Musk warning of increased competition, particularly from Chinese EV companies.