Silver Stocks: Your Entry into the Thriving AI Market

n this video, we dive into the silver market and explore why silver is poised to outperform gold in 2024. With gold and silver trending higher, it's crucial to understand the factors driving silver's potential surge. We discuss key indicators such as the Fed's rate cuts, rising financial instability, and the increasing demand for silver in electronic components, particularly driven by the AI boom.


Historically, silver has outperformed gold in declining rate environments, making it an attractive investment opportunity. We examine past instances where the Fed lowered rates and how silver prices soared, surpassing gold's performance. With gold projected to reach $2,230 per ounce, we predict silver could hit $30/oz, given the historical Gold to Silver ratio.


Moreover, the silver market has been in deficit for the past four years and is expected to remain so. This deficit is further exacerbated by the growing demand for silver in AI technologies, deepening the deficit and driving silver prices higher.


To capitalize on this potential silver rally, we present two junior silver explorers that are highly undervalued: Southern Silver Exploration and Silver Dollar Resources. These companies boast promising silver projects in Mexico and are trading at significant discounts compared to their net present values and sector averages.


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