Banks Have Started Lowering Rates: What You Need to Know

🚀 Welcome back to our channel! In this video, we're diving into a timely strategy to capitalize on the recent decline in Canadian lending rates.

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📉 Discover why three major Canadian banks recently lowered their mortgage rates and why we believe this signals a broader trend. We'll explore five key macroeconomic factors pointing towards potential rate cuts by the Bank of Canada in the next six months.

💹 Capital Markets Dynamics: Learn how declining interest rates impact capital markets, specifically in the realm of bonds. Explore why getting in early could mean locking in high yields and enjoying potential capital gains.

🏠 MICs - Uncover the world of Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs) – short-term lenders using real estate as collateral. Unlike traditional banks, MICs focus more on asset-based lending, making them less dependent on borrower credit quality.

🔍 Top MIC Picks: We'll introduce you to two of the largest publicly traded MICs in Canada.