Tesla is Planning to Acquire This Lithium Junior: Analysts' Ideas of the Week

In this week's episode, we cover some exciting developments in the world of commodities, technology, and cannabis. First up, we discuss the impressive 19% surge in shares of a copper junior under coverage, and what factors may have contributed to this growth. We then turn our attention to nickel prices, which also saw a significant boost last week - but why? Our sources have some insights to share.

Next, we dive into the latest news from Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), which appears to be eyeing an acquisition of a lithium junior. What could this mean for the electric vehicle industry, and for investors in these companies? We'll explore the possibilities. Shifting gears, we discuss the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrency, specifically in Hong Kong. The city-state is reportedly planning to lift its ban on retail crypto trading - a move that could have major implications for the broader industry.