All Eyes on U.S. Inflation Data - Analysts' Ideas of the Week

Welcome to Analysts' Ideas of the Week, where we bring you the latest insights and updates from the world of finance and investments. In this episode, Sid Rajeev, head of research, will be discussing some of the most important topics that made headlines last week.

The global equity markets remained relatively flat, but all eyes were on the upcoming U.S. CPI (inflation) report, which was due later in the week. Sid will delve into the potential impact of this report on the market. In other news, there was another merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the junior gold space, and Sid will provide his expert analysis on what this could mean for investors.

Unfortunately, there was negative news for copper prices, and Sid will explain the reasons behind this and what investors should watch out for in the coming days. On a more positive note, a crypto company that was under coverage beat our 2022 revenue estimate by an impressive 19%, and Sid will provide his insights on what this could mean for the future of the company and the crypto market as a whole. Finally, Sid will discuss the recent surge in shares of a gold junior that is backed by Ross Beaty, which were up by a staggering 24% last week.