Analysts’ Ideas Series – Weekly Pick

This is a weekly stock pick. In this video, our analyst will talk about our weekly stock pick. Also, we talk about the three categories we look at when we pick stocks. You can learn more about our stock picking process at...

Catalysts for Cannabis Companies

Sid Rajeev, Head of Research at FRC, will share his thoughts on the cannabis sector, upcoming catalysts, and sector valuations. Igal Sudman, the CEO of Ayurcann Holdings, joins us to talk about his aggressive expansion plans....

Uranium picks and Reddit’s Uranium Squeeze

Does Your Portfolio Have Uranium Exposure? We have a positive outlook on uranium prices and believe that long-term prices have to be at least $50/lb for new projects to come online. The global movement towards clean energy is...

Finding Hidden Profit in Macroeconomic Data and Trends

Join Sid Rajeev, Head of Research at FRC, in his chat with a star portfolio manager. Rabbie Gill, CFA, is a Portfolio Manager with over 18 years of investment management and capital markets expertise.