• A third-party study has indicated that a tonne of this company’s products can potentially extract 120 kg of carbon dioxide through Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW). ERW involves artificially accelerating the natural weathering of rocks to remove and sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
    • Based on this study, we believe this company’s existing facilities can generate up to 300 Kt of carbon credits annually, implying US$15M in potential revenue, assuming US$50/tonne CO2.
    • MarketsandMarkets (a global market research firm) estimates that the global carbon credit market will grow from $415B this year, to $1.60T by 2028, reflecting a CAGR of 31.0%.
    • This company has hired a consultancy firm to assess its product’s carbon footprint. We will introduce our revenue forecasts once we have a clearer understanding of the level of emission reductions, and the volume of carbon credits that this company’s project can potentially generate.
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