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👉 About the speaker:

Siddharth Rajeev, B.Tech (Electronics Engineering), MBA (Finance), CFA

At Fundamental Research Corp, Sid heads the research department, which has covered over 415 small and micro-cap companies and over 115 exempts market/private issues from a broad array of industries including Energy, Mining, Real Estate, and Technology.

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Companies Mentioned:

Noram Lithium Corp. (NRM.V), Kootenay Silver Inc. (KTN.V), Panoro Minerals (PML.V), FPX Nickel Corp. (FPX.V), Rio2 Limited (RIO.V), Verde AgriTech Ltd./TSX: NPK, Lomiko Metals Inc./TSXV: LMR, FPX Nickel Corp./ TSXV: FPX, Sokoman Minerals Corp./TSXV: SIC, Equity Metals Corporation/ TSXV: EQTY, Monument Mining Limited/ TSXV: MMY, Monarch Mining Corporation/TSX: GBAR, StrategX Elements Corp./CSE: STGX, Advance United Holdings Inc./CSE: AUHI, Fortune Minerals Limited/TSX: FT .