Global equity markets were up 1.7% on average last week (up 1.7% in the prior week as well).

Valuations of gold producers were up 3% last week (flat in the prior week); base metal producers were up 9% (up 4% in the prior week).

The global MCAP of cryptos is US$1.08T, up 24% MoM, and down 31% YoY.

Currently, there are 3,370 retail cannabis stores in Canada, an increase of 12 stores WoW, including four each in Manitoba and Ontario, two in New Brunswick, and one each in Newfoundland and Quebec.

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Companies Mentioned:

White Rock Minerals Ltd, UEX Corporation, Contango Ore, Inc., Tudor Gold Corp., Eskay Mining Corp., Sokoman Minerals Corp., Gold Springs Resource Corp., Sirios Resources Inc., Grid Metals Corp., International Iconic Gold Exploration Corp., Renforth Resources Inc., South Star Battery Metals, Advance United Holdings Inc., Lexaria Bioscience Corp., Eat Well Investment Group,