-Our pick last week, Meta Platforms Inc. (NASDAQ: FB), went from US$329.98 on Monday, to a high of US$346.79 on Friday (up 5.1%).

-The top performer, Halo Collective Inc (NEO: HALO), was up 70%. Companies in our Top Picks list are up 41.1% YoY (on average) vs 33.9% for the benchmark (TSXV).

-We believe that slow rate hikes and the passing of the infrastructure bill are positive for base metal prices. Gold and silver prices gained 2% WoW on inflation concerns. Valuations of gold producers were up 4% WoW; base metal producers were down 4%.

-Last week, four (previously three) out of the 15 hardest hit nations experienced higher daily new COVID-19 cases.

-As trading volumes and Bitcoin prices have had a positive correlation in the past, we are speculating that crypto prices might be due for a correction if volumes continue to decline this week.

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