In the next video of our Expert Network series, we are joined by our very own Sid Rajeev, Head of Research at Fundamental Research Corp., and Toby Chu, Chairman and CEO of CIBT Education Group Inc. He will share with us how the pandemic has impacted the education system during the COVID-19 lockdowns and how such a shift could impact the worldwide education market.
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Video Recorded on May 26, 2020
0:58 How are education providers transitioning to the digital world?
6:45 what is your strategy for reopening?What percentage of classrooms will be actually operating?
7:40 What are the pros and cons of focusing on career focused programs?
9:26 What % of classroom training will move to online training?
10:59 what is the impact of international travel restrictions?
13:50 How are education services providers dealing with request for refunds?
15:30 Can you give us a quick background on your real state initiatives?
19:32 unpaid rents are impacting landlords’ ability to make their mortgage payments. how is this impacting CIBT?
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