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Investor webinar: Delta 9 Cannabis Inc.

Topic: Aphria/Tilray Merger and Potential for Consolidation in 2021. Sid Rajeev, FRC’s Head of Research, will discuss the impact of Aphria and Tilray’s merger, the potential for further consolidation in the space in...

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Why ESG Matters & How to Select Green Investments

In this recorded webinar, we explain why ESG matters and how to select green investments with CEO Paul Ghezzi from Kontrol Energy Corp. and our very own Head of Research Sid Rajeev. Kontrol Energy Corp. is a leader in energy...

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In this Webinar, we share with you the 5 tips for valuing gold producing stocks! This is a recorded webinar that we did with Steppe Gold. It features our very own Sid Rajeev, Head of Research at Fundamental Research Corp, Aneel...

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How the Coronavirus Could Impact Your Investments?

Video by nucleus195 (https://nucleus195.com) and OpenExchange (https://www.openexc.com). After the markets got off to a strong start in 2020, a highly contagious coronavirus centered in Wuhan, China, has many investors running...

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Will Graphite Make a Come Back?

Hear our Head of Research outline our outlook on electric vehicle related metals. Webinar Speaker: ✔ Sid Rajeev (Head of Research @ Fundamental Research Corp) Sign up for FREE to receive info about our next...

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Why High Yield Investments May Outperform in 2020

Hear our Head of Research outline why he has a favorable outlook on yield / fixed income investments in 2020, then hear from the CEO of a consumer lending company – Marble Financial Inc. This webinar includes: 1. FRC Head of...

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