For Retail and Institutional Investors

Access to Analysts and Industry Experts

Although we do not provide individual-specific or tailored investment advice, subscribers, financial advisors and their clients, have access to our analysts and industry experts should they wish to discuss research reports, companies, industries, and/or have questions about anything we have published.

Independent Research Subscriptions

Fundamental Research Corp. provides individual and institutional investors, and financial advisors, with high-quality industry, and company specific research reports. We issue both equity research reports on public companies and reports on private companies. As our name suggests, we only use fundamental analysis. Our research is also available at conferences where we provide them is electronic format (USB sticks).

Institutional Sales

For large investors including family offices, hedge funds, mutual funds, and others, our institutional sales team will send you research customized by your preference. We will work with you to uncover little known names and investment structures. Contact us to learn more.

Public and Private Company Coverage

In general, we look for companies that are trading below our fair value estimate and/or have very positive growth prospects. Research may be commissioned by a wide range of entities including investors, issuers, and institutions. Our independence is maintained by:

  • Having no banking or brokerage business with companies under coverage; our focus is strictly on research
  • Setting and collecting research fees in advance
  • Adopting the CFA Institute’s Standards of Professional Conduct and Code of Ethics
  • Prohibiting analysts from trading in any security under coverage
  • Protecting our editorial control over research, timing of release, and release of liability for negative reports by contract

Our subscribers receive real-time access to all research. After a period of time, the reports are made available to delayed users for a limited period. You can access our research:

  • By becoming a subscriber
  • Through all major institutional investor portals: Thomson, Reuters, Bloomberg, FactSet, and Capital IQ
  • Through various third party brokers
  • Various retail investor oriented websites

Research coverage of companies by brokerages and investment banks is dropping. Fundamental Research Corp is committed to providing independent research which is especially crucial in the areas of small and micro caps, and private companies.

Customized and Bespoke Research

We can provide customized research tailored to your needs.  For example, some investors commission our research on a particular stock in their portfolio when they want a third party opinion or help with due diligence.  Some examples of the customized research we have done:

  • Assisted a large exempt market dealer with due diligence on a real estate project in the USA, leading to avoidance of large potential losses for investors
  • Conducted due diligence on leveraged loans for a large Middle East investor
  • Initiated coverage on a stock at the request of one of our accredited investor subscribers