Global equity markets were up 0.8% last week (up 3.4% in the prior week) as Russia and Ukraine are preparing for peace talks this week. In the U.S., yield curves inverted briefly this morning (for the first time since 2006), implying that the market is expecting significant rate hikes, followed by a recession.


Valuations of gold producers were up 2% last week (down 1% previously); base metal producers were up 3% (flat previously).


As of March 28, 2022, the global MCAP of cryptos is US$2.14T, up 19% MoM, and 24% YoY.


As of March 28, 2022, there are 3,164 retail cannabis stores in Canada, an increase of 22 stores WoW. Manitoba had the highest store openings at 10.

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Companies Mentioned:

Gran Colombia Gold Corp., Blue Lagoon Resources, South Star Battery Mining Corp., Eskay Mining Corp., Sabre Gold Mines Corp., White Rock Minerals Ltd, Denarius Metals Corp., Aurcana Silver Corporation, Oculus VisionTech, Inc., Eat Well Investment Group,  TAAT Global Alternatives Inc., NEXE Innovations Inc., BIGG Digital Assets Inc., Kiaro Holdings Corp.