We are more Bullish on EV focussed Juniors than the Commodities in The Near-term

Watch Sid Rajeev, our Head of Research, talk about the M&A activity in the EV metals sector with Andrew Bell on the Commodities show of BNN Bloomberg.

Sid explains how the sector is likely to grow next year! He expects a less hawkish Fed to drive up gold prices to about $2,000/oz in 2023. He adds that rising demand for clean energy and continued supply disruptions will boost uranium prices.

Learn about his top picks: Steppe Gold (STGO TSX) and Noram Lithium (NRM TSXV).

Steppe Gold (STGO TSX): https://www.researchfrc.com/company/s…

Noram Lithium (NRM TSXV): https://www.researchfrc.com/company/n…

Source: BNN Bloomberg

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