Our last week’s pick, Takung Art Co. Ltd. (NYSE: TKAT) went up from $49.00 on last Monday’s closing, to $74.11 on Tuesday (up 51.24%). We note that Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Betting are the most actively discussed sectors among retail investors.


Prices of mainstream metals retreated due to a stronger US$, amid rising yields. Copper and nickel prices were also impacted by rising inventory levels. We are expecting downward pressure on copper prices, as inventory levels have increased four weeks in a row.


We remain firm on our outlook for an economic recovery in the second half, based on the rollout of vaccines, and improving consumer sentiment.


The provincial government cannabis sellers of Ontario and Quebec recently announced strong net income forecasts for the next 12 months. We note that the Canadian big four LPs are trading at a 106% premium (up WoW from 96%) over their U.S. peers. We maintain that the current valuation discrepancy is due to the cannabis industry being federally illegal in the U.S., and anticipate the EV/R averages to converge with time.

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Companies Mentioned:

New Age Metals Inc., Thor Exploration Limited,Sonoro Gold Corp.South Star Mining Corp., Blue Lagoon Resources, Skyharbour Resources Ltd.,Kootenay Silver Inc., GR Silver Mining Ltd. , Eskay Mining Corp., Colibri Resource, Corvus Gold Inc.,Southern Silver Exploration Corp., Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd., Halo Collective Inc.