Our last week’s pick, Protagenic Therapeutics (NASDAQ: PTIX) went from $3.27 on last Monday’s closing, to $4.20 the next day (up 28%). Check out our latest pick in this report.

Copper and nickel prices retreated, after reporting five consecutive weeks of gains, as inventory levels of both metals were up on the SHFE (Shanghai).

For the first time in several weeks, all of the top 15 hardest hit nations reported flat or WoW declines in new COVID-19 cases. In India, new cases declined for the first time since early March.

Bitcoin prices are down 28% from their record highs last month. We expect the high volatility in bitcoin prices to drive some investors back to gold. Over the past 12 months, we believe bitcoin had been attracting capital away from gold due to bitcoin’s limited supply, and potential to be an inflation hedge.

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