Our pick last week, Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), went from US$335.34 on Monday, to a high of US$343.98 on Friday (up 3%).

Companies in our Top Picks list were up 45.0% YoY (on average) vs 39.2% for the benchmark (TSXV).

The U.S. Fed’s latest comments indicate that they are in no hurry to raise rates, as they believe that inflation is transitory.

We believe that inflation is unlikely to be transitory as U.S. M2 money supply is up 35% since the beginning of the pandemic. Gold was up 16% during this period.

Copper and zinc prices retreated after reporting strong gains in the prior week. We believe that supply chain disruptions will support commodity prices in the near term.

Valuations of gold producers were up 3% WoW; base metals producers were down 2%.

The average retail Canadian cannabis price per gram was flat week-over-week at $11.04.

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