Global equity markets were down 5.1% last week (up 1.1% in the prior week) amid the upcoming U.S. Fed meeting, and rising geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.


Valuations of gold producers were flat (previously up 1%) last week; base metal producers were down 4% (up 6%).


Prices of mainstream/popular cryptos were down 26% on average last week, due to lower crypto trading volumes, a decrease in the S&P 500, and higher gold prices.


The Electric Vehicle sector remains the most actively discussed among retail investors, followed by cryptos, cannabis, and betting.

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Companies Mentioned:

GR Silver Mining Ltd., GCM Mining, Cartier Resources Inc., Sabre Gold Mines Corp., Golden Minerals Company, Fortune Minerals Limited, Monarch Mining Corporation, Interra Copper Corp., Goldplay Mining Inc., Equity Metals Corporation, Hot Chili Limited, Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc., Eskay Mining Corp., Blue Lagoon Resources, Colibri Resources Corporation, Lomiko Metals Inc., Renforth Resources Inc., TAAT Global Alternatives Inc., Trillion Energy International Inc.,Banxa Holdings Inc., BIGG Digital Assets Inc., Hempfusion Wellness Inc., Levitee Labs Inc.