Global equity markets were down 2.0% on average last week (down 4.7% in the prior week) as the U.S. Fed hiked its benchmark rate by 0.75%.

Valuations of gold producers were down 5% last week (flat in the prior week); base metal producers were down 10% (down 8% in the prior week).

Currently, the global MCAP of cryptos is US$901B, down 26% MoM, and 40% YoY.

Currently, there are 3,289 retail cannabis stores in Canada, an increase of eight stores WoW, including 14 in B.C., two in Ontario, and eight closures in Alberta. Using a mature market, such as Colorado, as the benchmark (where one store serves 7,500 people), we believe Canada has room for an additional 1,750 stores.

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UEX Corporation, Ultra Lithium Inc., Monarch Mining Corporation, Denarius Metals Corp., Lithium Chile Inc., GCM Mining, Metallum Resources Inc., BIGG Digital Assets Inc., Banxa Holdings Inc.,