Exploring the Oilfield Services Sector – An Attractive, Yet Overlooked Space

Date: Wednesday, July 12, 2023, at 1 pm PST / 4: 00 pm EST.

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Sid Rajeev, Head of Research at FRC, will share his thoughts on a potentially promising strategy to benefit from the ongoing momentum in oil and gas CAPEX spending.

Desmond O’Kell, VP and Director of the Enterprise Group, joins us to share valuable insights on how Enterprise has established a recurring revenue stream from majors like Suncor (TSX: SU), Chevron (NYSE: CVX), and ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP)

  1. 💰How to potentially benefit from the ongoing momentum in oil and gas CAPEX spending.
  2. 📈 Tips from an analyst for valuing oilfield service companies and identifying attractive opportunities.
  3. 👨‍🏫Gain insights and sector knowledge from the VP of an oilfield services company.

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What People Are Saying

raja zamanraja zaman
19:11 28 Jul 23
Excellent information: One question for analysts- Q: good/silver producers now buying opportunity- which have good profit/cash flow that will protect from further downside ?? Many thanks
Kundran KuralKundran Kural
04:26 05 Jun 23
Ismail DewanIsmail Dewan
17:41 25 Oct 22
Kareem BuxKareem Bux
03:37 25 Oct 22
Asif khanAsif khan
02:09 25 Oct 22
Reinhard SchuReinhard Schu
10:40 09 Jul 22
FRC' provides insightful and useful research reports. Their reports have drawn my attention to several interesting stocks that I would otherwise may have missed. They have a premium paid-for service, but I use their free reports when available, as that is sufficient for my purposes.
Green SquirelGreen Squirel
02:11 07 Jul 22
I truly love getting e-mails from this company, it's a one of kind research organization. They go in depth with great detail about the company's they report on. Most other financial/business services that send e-mails are mostly junk. They send stuff about Bit-coin/Crashed, High-Tech/Crashed, Bonds/Crashed, or listening to an hour long lecture, with no ability to fast forword and then they demand money at the end etc. Not FRC they stick to the basics, writing excellent articles on companies that have a great opportunity to become very profitable in the future.
Jeet JoshiJeet Joshi
19:48 29 Jun 22
I have a great time reading FRC reports. They clearly know what they're talking about!
Farhad AhmadFarhad Ahmad
06:41 25 Jun 22
FRC has a good approach to fundamental analysis of companies and the industry. I like the 1st page of the analysis that highlights major issues about the company and the industry, and provides an outlook of performance. The risk level is another important aspect of the analysis for risk-averse investors and readers, making the analysis insightful.
Joe GrillJoe Grill
20:41 24 Jun 22
Fundamental Research Corp has been my go-to source for no-nonsense information for several years. I really appreciate the high level of detail they provide in all their articles and reports. Keep up the great work!
Thurman JohnsonThurman Johnson
19:05 24 Jun 22
I utilize their reports often, the depth and format are both excellent. I highly recommend FRC for anyone that wants to gain company-specific research in nascent and established areas alike.
Norman UmaliNorman Umali
15:47 21 Jun 22
Glad I subscribe. FRC has been an objective source of analyst-curated data and evidence-based advice. Their analysts are ranked as high as big five bank analysts, but you get their analysts recommendations presented in a concierge format. I am hoping FRC will start to offer personalized investment advice services soon so I can keep up with these crazy markets


Enterprise Group, Inc continues to successfully execute its strong corporate mandate to be the largest specialized equipment rental and services organization, providing critical site infrastructure and services in Western Canada and beyond. As the economy regains further strength, development activity in the energy services and specialized infrastructure sector is expected to marginally increase. No matter the economic climate, the Enterprise Group of companies are poised and scalable to address further industry growth. Prospects of continued infrastructure spending has given Enterprise the opportunity to implement its aggressive growth strategy by acquiring accretive and complementary best in class assets.

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