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Business Description

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Wi2Wi Corporation’s (“Wi2Wi”, “company”) primary business is to provide integrated wireless connectivity solutions to businesses that need to incorporate wireless connectivity to their end-products.


FRC Analyst's Reports

Wi2Wi Corporation (TSXV: YTY): Q2 Revenues up 20% YoY / Gross Margins Improve – FINAL REPORT Oct. 17, 2019
Wi2Wi (TSXV: YTY): 2018 in Line, Quiet Start to 2019 May. 29, 2019
Wi2Wi (TSXV: YTY): Revised Revenue Forecasts Jan. 23, 2019
Wi2Wi (TSXV: YTY): Q1 Revenue and Earnings Growth Jun. 14, 2018
Wi2Wi (TSXV: YTY): Q3 Earnings Growth; FINAL REPORT Feb. 15, 2018
Wi2Wi Corporation (TSXV: YTY): Soft Q2 Improves Over Q1 Sep. 7, 2016
Wi2Wi (TSXV: YTY): Rapidly Growing IoT Market; Initiating Jun. 24, 2016

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