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Business Description

The Wonderfilm Media Corp. (“Wonderfilm”, “company”) is a film and TV production company that develops, packages and produces its own pre-sold content for world-wide distributors, networks, studios and streaming services. The company has offices in Vancouver, Los Angeles and South Korea.

Website http://www.wonderfilm.com/

FRC Analyst's Reports

Wonderfilm Media(TSXV: WNDR) Strong Track Record, Celebrity Relations to Drive Growth; Introductory Note Dec. 21, 2018


Appreciated Media to Acquire Record Label Apr. 13, 2020
Appreciated Media Announces Corporate Update Apr. 6, 2020
Appreciated Media Announces Name Change, New Ticker Symbol and Director Appointment Apr. 2, 2020
Wonderfilm Announces the Launch of the First Film Fund and Schedules a Shareholders Conference Mar. 26, 2020
IIROC Trading Resumption – WNDR Mar. 25, 2020

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