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Business Description

TransCanna Holdings Ltd. is a Vancouver-based cannabis company operating solely in the state of California. Originally focused on distribution and transportation, TransCanna is set to become a vertically-integrated cannabis business.


FRC Analyst's Reports

TransCanna (CSE: TCAN) Vertically-Integrated Cannabis; Initiating Coverage Apr. 17, 2019


Modesto Tourism Campaign Shines Spotlight on TransCanna’s Lyfted Farms Aug. 4, 2021
TransCanna Appoints Chief Operating Officer Jul. 29, 2021
TransCanna Achieves Major Milestone: Completes Phase 1 Construction at Daly Facility Jul. 19, 2021
Transcanna’s First Crop Management Site Goes Live Jul. 14, 2021
TransCanna Partners with Green Rocket Design and Technology for Expansion into the Southern California Cannabis Market Jul. 10, 2021

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