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Business Description

Rogue Resources Inc. (“company”, “Rogue”) is focused on advancing its 100% owned Silicon Ridge project into production.

Website: http://www.rogueresources.ca/

FRC Analyst's Reports

Rogue Resources (TSXV: RRS) LOI to Acquire Golden Arrow Mine in Ontario Oct. 15, 2018
Rogue Resources (TSXV: RRS) Acquires New Silica Project; Near-Term CF Focus Jan. 19, 2018
Rogue Resources (TSXV: RRS) Regroups After a Temporary Setback Sep. 14, 2017
Rogue Resources (TSXV: RRS) Updated PEA / Production by year-end May. 26, 2017
Rogue Resources (TSXV: RRS) Updating PEA Mar. 2, 2017
Rogue Resources (TSXV: RRS) LOIs for Potential Off-Take Jan. 23, 2017
Rogue Resources (TSXV: RRS) Initiating; Silica Sep. 4, 2016


Rogue Update: Q4 Results, Positive Adjusted EBITDA Based on Stone Sales, Plus Launching Operations at 3rd Quarry Aug. 31, 2021
Rogue Update: Landscape Stone Sales continue through April and May, Extends Debt Facility Jun. 7, 2021
Rogue Update: Appoints new CFO, Landscape Stone Sales continue through February and March Apr. 12, 2021
Rogue Update: Quebec Refuses Silicon Ridge Application Apr. 1, 2021
Rogue Update: Strong Stone Sales continue, first Positive EBITDA Mar. 31, 2021