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Business Description

MGX Minerals Inc. is building a diversified clean energy and mining technology company, advancing multiple investments and projects simultaneously.

Website: https://www.mgxminerals.com/

FRC Analyst's Reports

MGX Minerals (CSE: XMG) Diversified Clean Energy and Mining Tech; Initiating Mar. 29, 2019


MGX Minerals Announces Exploration for Nuclear and Space Metals at GC Lithium — Caesium — Tantalum — Rubidium Project, British Columbia Oct. 14, 2021
MGX Minerals Announces Strategic Nuclear and Space Metals Review of REN Niobium – Tantalum – Titanium – Rubidium Project, British Columbia Oct. 7, 2021
MGX Minerals Announces TRISO Fuel as Focus of Standardized Nuclear Fuel Design Study for Small Modular Reactor use in Land Energy and Space Flight Oct. 4, 2021
MGX Minerals Commences Design Study for Small Modular Nuclear Reactor (“SMR”) Fuel for Electric Power and Long Range Space Flight Oct. 1, 2021
MGX Minerals Announces Non-Brokered Private Placement Mar. 22, 2021

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