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Business Description

Kidoz Inc. (“company”, “Kidoz”, “KIDZ”) owns and operates a kids’ content and ad tech business.


FRC Analyst's Reports

Kidoz Inc. (TSXV: KIDZ / OTC: KDOZF) – Ad Revenue up 196% YoY / Entering China Aug. 23, 2021
Kidoz Inc.(TSXV: KIDZ / OTC: KDOZF) Introducing a Programmatic Ad Platform This Quarter May. 20, 2021
Kidoz Inc.(TSXV: KIDZ / OTC: KDOZF) Blows Past Our Estimates / Raising Fair Value Apr. 15, 2021
Kidoz Inc.(TSXV: KIDZ / OTC: KDOZF) Q3 Revenue up 161% QoQ and Beats Expectations Nov. 25, 2020
Kidoz Inc.(TSXV: KIDZ) Q2 Revenue Impacted by COVID-19; Long-term Fundamentals Remain Intact Aug. 14, 2020
Kidoz Inc. (TSXV: KIDZ) Q1-2020 Inline – Userbase Continues to Grow Jun. 4, 2020
Kidoz Inc.(TSXV: KIDZ) 2019 Revenue Exceeded Expectations by 16% Apr. 30, 2020
Kidoz Inc. (TSXV: KIDZ) – Q3 Revenues up 55% QoQ, and 3,004% YoY Dec. 2, 2019
Kidoz Inc. (TSXV: KIDZ) – Well Positioned to Capture a Piece of the Growing Kids’ Digital Ad Market Aug. 21, 2019
Kidoz Inc. (TSXV: KIDZ) – Q1-2019 Revenues Up 18x QoQ Post-Acquisition May. 31, 2019
Shoal Games (TSXV: SGW / OTCQB: SGLDF) Completes Significant Acquisition Mar. 12, 2019
Shoal Games (TSXV: SGW) 600,000+ Downloads; Pursuing an $8M Financing Nov. 28, 2018
Shoal Games (TSXV: SGW) New Licensing Deals / Downloads Reach 250,000 Mar. 28, 2018
Shoal Games (TSXV: SGW) Rooplay at 220,000+ Downloads Dec. 5, 2017
Shoal Games (TSXV: SGW) Ramping up Marketing for Rooplay Aug. 26, 2017
Shoal Games (TSXV: SGW) Launches new app May. 8, 2017
Shoal Games (TSXV: SGW / OTCQB: SGLDF) major product launches Dec. 2, 2016
Shoal Games (TSXV: SGW / OTCQB: SGLDF) Preparing Garfield Bingo Launch Aug. 21, 2016
Shoal Games (TSXV: SGW / OTCQB: SGLDF) Q1 Strong / Trophy Bingo Gaining Traction May. 12, 2016
Shoal Games (TSXV: SGW) Initiating; Unique Mobile Games Mar. 2, 2016


Kidoz CEOs Talk and Research Published in Corporate Awareness Program Sep. 1, 2021
Kidoz Inc. Announces 196% Revenue Growth in Q2 2021 Results Aug. 16, 2021
Kidoz Announces Record Q2 Network Growth and Corporate Update Jul. 30, 2021
TradPlus, a Leading Monetization Platform in China, Selects Kidoz for Kid-Safe Advertising Jul. 12, 2021
Kidoz Partners with Singular to Provide Kid-Safe Attribution Jun. 28, 2021

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