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Business Description

Input Capital Corporation focuses on providing farm operators with capital through streaming contracts. The company was founded in 2011, and began operations in late 2012


FRC Analyst's Reports

Input Capital (TSXV: INP) Revenues below expectation FINAL REPORT Jun. 12, 2015
Input Capital (TSXV: INP) Revenues lower than expected, capital deployment surges Feb. 17, 2015
Input Capital (TSXV: INP) Q2 as expected/Anticipating record revenues in Q3 Dec. 5, 2014
Input Capital (TSXV: INP) – Q1 revenues $2.26 million; Raising Fair Value Aug. 23, 2014
Input Capital (TSXV: INP) Increases Capital Deployment Pace in Q4 Jun. 3, 2014
Input Capital (TSXV: INP) Reports first revenues from canola streaming contracts Feb. 12, 2014
Input Capital (TSXV: INP) – Raising revenue estimates based on strong canola yields Dec. 4, 2013
Input Capital (TSXV: INP) Closes financing and receives first delivery of canola; Raising Valuation Oct. 17, 2013
Input Capital (TSXV: INP) – Raising EPS Estimates Aug. 30, 2013
Input Capital (TSXV: INP) Initiating Coverage; First Agriculture Streaming PubCo in Canada; Canola Aug. 1, 2013

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