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Formed in 2017, HG is commercializing a patented technology, capable of producing high-purity graphene in large-scale. Graphene is the thinnest/lightest/strongest material known, and has a wide range of applications in sectors such as energy, transportation, aerospace, electronics, lubricants, coating, and specialty chemicals. Unlike several existing technologies, Hyperion does not use graphite to produce graphene, but relies on readily available gases (oxygen and acetylene) as inputs. Third-party tests have confirmed that HG can produce high-purity graphene consistently. HG is the only North American producer certified by the Graphene Council.

Website https://hydrograph.com/

FRC Analyst's Reports

HydroGraph Clean Power Inc. (CSE: HG/ OTCQB: HGCPF / FSE: M98) – Commercializing a Low-Cost Technology For Producing High-Purity Graphene – Initiating Coverage Jun. 7, 2023

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