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Business Description

DataMetrex AI Limited (“DataMetrex”, “company”) is a technology company focused on data collection and analytics. The company’s subsidiaries are focused on artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and cryptocurrency mining.


FRC Analyst's Reports

DataMetrex AI Limited. (TSXV: DM) – Losses Diminish, Revenue Grows YoY to Signal Potential Light at the End of the Tunnel – FINAL REPORT Jul. 19, 2019
DataMetrex AI (TSXV: DM) Forecasts Deteriorating, New Contracts May Help Reignite Growth May. 9, 2019
DataMetrex AI (TSXV: DM) Canntop’s First Contract, Additional IBM Contract Dec. 25, 2018
DataMetrex (TSXV: DM) Initiating; High Growth Verticals in AI, Big Data, and Blockchain Nov. 23, 2018


Datametrex Announces Definitive Agreement with Concierge Medical Jan. 22, 2021
Datametrex Expands LOTTE Agreements Jan. 20, 2021
Datametrex Announces Stock Option Exercises Jan. 18, 2021
Datametrex Announces Strategic Review of Ronin Blockchain Jan. 13, 2021
Datametrex Sold over 23,000 COVID-19 PCR Tests in Q4 Jan. 12, 2021