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Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd. (“company”, “Clean Seed”, “CSX”) has developed a group of patented and patent pending smart seeding and planting technologies that, we believe, has the potential to revolutionize how farmers conduct seeding and planting operations globally.

Website: http://www.cleanseedcapital.com/

FRC Analyst's Reports

Clean Seed Capital – Revolutionizing Precision Seeding and Planting Technologies – Resuming Coverage Aug. 6, 2020
Clean Seed (TSXV: CSX) Acquisition to Enter the U.S. Market Feb. 6, 2019
Clean Seed (TSXV: CSX) New Purchase Order Mar. 12, 2018
Clean Seed (TSXV: CSX) Investment from New U.S. Distributor Mar. 11, 2017
Clean Seed (TSXV: CSX) Initiating; Revolutionize Global Seeding/ Planting Nov. 1, 2016


Clean Seed Capital Group (CVE:CSX) Has A Pretty Healthy Balance Sheet Oct. 29, 2020
Agtech and Sustainable Agriculture – Booming Investment in the Midst of Pandemic Apr. 6, 2020
Trade Alert: The President Of Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd. (CVE:CSX), Gary Anderson, Has Just Spent CA$400k Buying Shares Mar. 8, 2020
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Such Is Life: How Clean Seed Capital Group (CVE:CSX) Shareholders Saw Their Shares Drop 67% Jul. 24, 2019

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