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Business Description

Bevo Agro Inc. Is North America’s leader in plant propagation; it develops plants for final growth in greenhouses and field farms.


FRC Analyst's Reports

Q1’08 Revenues Drop by 43% YOY; Liquidity problems persist FINAL REPORT (12 Pages) Jan. 22, 2008
Bank Postpones Advancement of Loan to Pay Debenture; Downgrading to SELL (4 Pages) Oct. 12, 2007
Significant Drop in U.S. Sales Affects Bottom Line (12 Pages) May. 31, 2007
Signs Of Slowdown In The B.C. Greenhouse Industry (11 Pages) Mar. 12, 2007
Sales and Gross Margins Meet Expectations, Operating Costs Increase (8 Pages) Dec. 4, 2006
Strong Q4 as expected lifts annual performance; 2007 crucial to valuation (12 Pages) Nov. 6, 2006
Signs New Credit Facility; Reinstating to BUY (7 Pages) Jun. 30, 2006
Q3 Shows Growth But U.S. Operations Below Expectations; Suspending Ratings (9 pages) Jun. 6, 2006
As Expected – Q2 Evidence of Improving Conditions (8 pages) Mar. 10, 2006
Q1 Crunch Time: Lowering Estimates (9 pages) Dec. 2, 2005
Strong Q4 Sales: Expansion Still Not Reflected in Price (10 pages) Nov. 2, 2005
Q3 Evidence That Things Are Starting to Bloom (15 pages) Jun. 3, 2005
Q2 Showing Positive Signs Mar. 4, 2005

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