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Positioning for a Wave of Consolidation Among Crypto Exchanges

About The Webinar

Sid Rajeev, Head of Research at FRC, will share his thoughts on the highly fragmented crypto space, and tips to identify M&A targets.

Justin Hartzman, the CEO of CoinSmart Financial, joins us to talk about their up-and-coming platform and growth strategies.

You'll Learn

Why the sector is poised for consolidation?




Justin Hartzman is the CEO and Co-Founder of CoinSmart, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Toronto that simplifies cryptocurrency investing for participants of all experience levels through a simple interface, education and customer support. Hartzman founded CoinSmart on the basis of making cryptocurrency accessible to all. Justin strongly believes in the promising future cryptocurrency has to offer and the importance of it being a part of any well-balanced portfolio of investments.

About Our Guest Justin Hartzman

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Date: Thursday, April 28, 2022
Time: 1 pm PST / 4 pm EST 
Duration: 45 min
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I’ve seen a lot of YouTube stock interviews and this has to be the best one. It’s to the point questions galore not just pumping the CEOs tires 
@Bullish Bear - YouTube
Great news! Good questions and great progression for NEXE. The coffee taste great also 😁 I would recommend 
@Mathieu Labbé  - Youtube
thanks for the great webinar! I'm invested with 80% of my portfolio into BIGG. great opportunity to get into one of the most important markets of the decade! 
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How to position for a wave of consolidation and identify attractive M&A targets?

Fun facts about the crypto space