AppTech Payments Corp.


Discover the latest innovation in fintech with our comprehensive equity research report on AppTech. As a leading player in the industry, AppTech has recently launched CommerseTM, a cutting-edge platform that offers digital payment processing solutions, as well as advanced banking capabilities such as cross-border transactions, currency solutions, and installment payment options for merchants, businesses, and retailers.


AppTech’s initial goal is to upgrade and onboard its existing clients to CommerseTM, while targeting new clients. AppTech will receive a percentage of their clients’ transaction volume as processing fees.

Equity Report

We believe a key strength of AppTech is its IP, including 17 patents. According to management, their patents have been quoted in 500+ other patents. We have verified a few, and have confirmed that several large companies (such as Microsoft/NASDAQ:MSFT, AT&T/NYSE:T, and JP Morgan/NYSE:JPM) have cited AppTech’s technology in their patents.

Market Overview

The global Payments as a Service (PaaS) and Banking as a Service (BaaS) markets are expected to grow from $85B in 2022, to $384B by 2030, reflecting a CAGR of 21% (Sources: Grandview Research and Allied Market Research).

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