FRC is one of the largest issuer-paid independent stock market research firms in the world, with a 17-year track record of covering 550+ companies. As of December 14, 2020, FRC’s top picks were up 55.6% on average since the initiation of coverage.

*Past performance is not indicative of future results.

We are a premier research firm that has ranked in the Top Ten in independent third party evaluations of our research.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to provide high quality, accessible equity research to a broad audience, while adhering to
strong ethical standards. We aim to be the best source for equity research to investors.

Our Passion:

We love research. It is our passion. To this day, our research goes through a multi-step quality
control process to ensure thoroughness before it is published, including reviews at the highest levels
of our management team. We employ full-time in house analysts who are readily available to
respond to investor inquiries, calls from institutions, and speak to management. Our analysts are
sought after by the media and at conferences to give their opinions on the market, current topics of
interest such as the direction of commodity prices, and top stock picks. To ensure ethical behavior
throughout our firm we continue to adopt CFA Institute Standards.

 Our Story:

Research Channels:

Our research is available to some of the largest institutional investors in the world through such portals as Reuters, Capital IQ, Bloomberg, by Subscription and, many more.

Graham Eacott, Subscriber

“I continue to enjoy reading your high-quality research. The “Five Vital Tips to Invest in Junior Resource Stocks” is right on point and the two reports attached to this article on valuing gold companies should be read by all your subscribers. I notice that you are expanding your research coverage to include large-cap companies. Your Microsoft report is excellent.”

Dan Pembleton

“Fundamental Research provides us with an independent perspective that is refreshingly free of the inherent conflicts in traditional sell-side research. In addition to high-quality research, they have the potential to introduce us to and arrange meetings with, new issuers that we may have been unaware previously.”

Chris Perrota

“I’d like to thank you all of you for the excellent work you’ve been doing. Your research is among the best of any of the websites out there, and thanks to you my stock portfolio is doing very well”